Terms of Lease

Only full-time students and interns at Université Laval are entitled to rent rooms from the Residence Office during fall and winter terms, i.e., from September to April.

Signing your Residence Office lease certifies that you understand and agree to follow the rules, terms, and policies in effect.


Your lease is normally for eight months, from September 1 to April 30. If you start in January, your lease is for four months, from January 1 to April 30. It can be renewed on expiry for the coming academic year. If you wish so, you may also conclude a summer rental agreement.

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It's your responsibility as a tenant to get property insurance to cover your belongings as well as any damage or harm you might unintentionally cause to others or their property.

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Paying your rent

You have a responsibility as a tenant to pay your rent on the first day of each month. Failure to pay your rent can result in a hold on your transcript or degree.

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Rules and policies

Living in residence involves sharing space and services and accepting certain rules for everyone’s benefit. Your lease agreement includes rules that safeguard quality of life and protect individual rights and freedoms. You are required to follow them.

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