Only full-time students and interns at Université Laval are entitled to rent rooms from the Residence Office during the University's fall and winter terms, i.e., from September to April. For full-time students, renting a room involves signing a lease. Signing a lease carries certain obligations, including understanding and following the rules, terms, and policies in effect. Increases in the rent take effect on May 1 of the year in question.

Lease renewals and extensions

Renewing your lease for the coming academic year

Renewing your lease for the coming academic year

Expecting to complete your year in April and planning on living in residence next year? You can renew your lease and guarantee yourself a room in September. 

A lease renewal form should appear in your mailbox in February. 

The legal deadline for your response is March 31. Please complete and return your form in your building’s “RÉSIDENCES” mail chute or directly at the Reception & service desk to join the required deposit.

How to renew your lease

  • Select only one of the five options on the front of your lease renewal form and complete the sections indicated. Sign and date the form at the bottom on the back.
  • Pay a deposit covering your first month’s rent by cheque payable to Université Laval, dated the date it’s sent, and cashable on that date. 

Failure to include payment or signature may lead to delays in processing your application. 

Normal processing time for completed forms is 1 business day.

Extending your lease for the summer 

If you attend summer sessions, you can extend your lease from May 1 to mid-August. Use the lease renewal form for this. The legal deadline for doing so is March 31.

If you extend your lease, you may have to move to another room or building for the summer. 

Additional information

If you're extending your lease for the summer or renewing for fall and winter, please take careful note of the following information:

Notices regarding residences in the summer 2019, fall 2019 and winter 2020 

Please read the following notices regarding residences in the coming months. These elements are to be considered for the extension and renewal of the lease.


Major renovations, with service interruption for a few weeks, will be carried out on the pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent E wing elevator in the 2019 fall semester.


Floors 5 and 6 of the pavillon Ernest-Lemieux could become mixed floors in May 2019 in order to accommodate women and men randomly. Bathrooms will remain unmixed, however.


The A (x301 to x336) wings of floors 1, 2 and 3 of the pavillon Biermans-Moraud could become mixed floors in September 2019 in order to accommodate women and men randomly. Bathrooms will remain unmixed, however.


Major renovations will take place in the kitchens from May to December 2019. The East part of the kitchens will be closed for renovation from May to August and the West part from September to April.

Renovation of corridors (flooring, ceilings and walls) in some areas of the 2nd and 3rd floors will require early room transfers in the beginning of the summer season for students who wish to extend their stay beyond May 1st.

Term of lease

Leases are normally for eight months, from September 1 to April 30 inclusively.

If you start in January, your lease is for four months, from January 1 to April 30 inclusively. 

If you attend summer sessions, you can ¬extend your lease from May 1 to mid-August. 

Termination of lease

The lease you sign contracts you to occupy a room for a specified period. Subletting is not allowed. You can however terminate your lease, subject to certain conditions.

Lease termination and the applicable conditions are explained in the Université Laval Residence Office terms and policies.



FAQ - Lease Renewal

Paying your deposit

How do I make out the cheque?

Make the cheque out to Université Laval. It must be dated either the date it’s sent (cashable the same day) or June 1 (cashable on June 1).

Spell out the amount (e.g., six hundred) on the line provided and indicate it in numerals (600) in the box. The cheque is not valid if it’s not signed.

Any changes or corrections you make on the cheque have to be initialled. In the blank marked “MEMO” in the lower left, please write “Reconduction” (renewal) and your name.

I don’t have a chequebook. How can I pay the deposit?

Bring your completed form to Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent, Room 1604, when Reception & service desk is open and pay by cash or debit card.

Early arrivals

What do I do if I’m planning to move out of my room and come back later in the summer?

Just let us know when you’re arriving as soon as you can. If you get here before courses start, you probably won’t get your final room assignment right away. You’ll also have to pay for each day before September 1 at the daily rate. 

Will I get my final assigned room when I arrive?

There’s a chance that your assigned room could have a group, a tourist, or a conference-goer in it when you get here. If so, you’ll be assigned a temporary room. But if your assigned room is available, you can move right in. Make sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can get your room ready for you.


If I move out before May 1, how much will I have to pay?

Your lease expires on May 1 at 11 a.m. You have to pay your rent until that date.

If I move out between May 2 and August 26, how is my rent calculated?

In that case you’d be getting a lease extension, so you’d be charged only for the days you actually stayed. The rent for the month you leave (i.e., the incomplete final month) is calculated as follows: 

Your Rent = {Monthly rent} X {Number of nights in residence/Total days in the month}

The amount is also rounded off to simplify billing.

Leaving or extending for the summer

What do I do if I don’t know what day I'm leaving yet?

You can change your departure date anytime at no charge by email, phone, or in person.

Do I need to be registered for the University’s summer session to stay on in residence?

You don’t need to be taking Université Laval credit courses to stay in residence during the summer.

A room for next year

What do I do if I don’t know if I'm going to live in residence next year?

You have until June 1 to cancel your reservation for the fall and winter session without penalty.

See the Terms and Conditions at letter “e” for more information on cancellations and refunds.

What do I put in the “Préférences” section if I want a different room next year?

You can put in a residence, floor, wing, section, or a specific room. However, the more specific you are, the worse your chances of getting what you ask for. If what you want isn’t available, you’ll get your old room.

When will I find out my new room number?

The Residence Office doesn’t tell you your room number until you check in and doesn’t guarantee you’ll get what you ask for. You can however take your pick from what's available when you arrive if you're not satisfied with your room assignment.

Reserving for the fall semester only

What do I do if I’m just planning to stay in residence for the fall semester because that’s when my program ends? 

You can terminate your lease. See the Terms and Conditions at letter “g” for more information on lease cancellation.