Storing personal effects

The Service des résidences will store your stuff free for the summer and other periods as well. Some restrictions apply.


Residents renewing their lease for the upcoming year can store their personnal effects free from May 1 to August 31.

Storage requests for other times of year are subject to management approval. The following fees may apply: 

  • $10/month for a 5-cu-ft compact refrigerator (roughly 55 cm x 55 cm x 82 cm)
  • $25/month for other items (10-box maximum)

Storage capacity

You may store up to 10 boxes and 1 compact (5-cu-ft) refrigerator. 

The following specifications apply to stored material: 

  • Only standard 46 cm (L) x 31 cm (H) x 38 cm (W) boxes are accepted, up to a maximum weight of 22 kg each. Boxes of this type may be purchased at the Reception & service desk.
  • Pack all electronic equipment in boxes.
  • Defrost, empty, and clean your refrigerator before storing. Although refrigerators larger than 5 cu ft may be kept in rooms, they are not accepted for storage.
  • Attach an SRE-120 form, available from the Housekeeping staff in your residence, to each box. Hang on to your storage receipt—you’ll need it to get your things back. 

Not accepted for storage

Personal furniture and tires are not accepted. 

The Service des résidences reserves the right to refuse to store any improperly packed, unsafe, or nonstandard materials. It may also check on the identity of residents storing items.

Rights and responsibilities

The Service des résidences is not responsible for any loss, breakage, or theft of stored materials. Such risks are to be covered by personal insurance. 

Tenants transfer to Université Laval their right of ownership over any items left in storage and unclaimed within 10 months of the date when they move out of residence.

Storage and reclaiming materials

Please contact Housekeeping staff at your residence to get things stored, reclaim stored items, or get more information about storage.