Reliable high-speed cable Internet is available in all rooms.

Campus wireless network 

All Université Laval students have automatic free access to the university’s wireless network. The service provider is DTI, the Direction des technologies de l'information. The network is designed for course- and teaching-related communications.

Speed can vary with the number of users on the system.

High-speed cable Internet

High-speed cable Internet is available in all rooms on subscription. The system is fast and reliable and provides the following advantages:

  • High-speed 11 Mbps download connection always available
  • No connection or cancellation fees: no commitment

Important notice

With the deployment of the Eduroam2 wireless network in all residences halls during the fall of 2023, the cabled Internet service of the Service des résidences will eventually be decommissioned.

The Eduroam2 wireless network will offer better performance and wider coverage than the current Eduroam wireless network and should meet the needs of residents for their studying activities.

All cabled Internet service subscribers will be notified at least 30 days prior to the scheduled decommissioning date.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, please fill the online form.

We will activate the network jack in your room on the first business day after receiving your subscription request.

Required Equipment and Software

  • Ethernet network interface card
  • Category 5e network cable long enough to reach the network jack

A cable is provided with the subscription.


  • $20 a month

Room Change

Please put your room keys in an envelope provided for this purpose and hand them in as early as possible. Your new jack will be activated on the first business day after your room change request is received and registered in our files.

End of Subscription

Your subscription will end on the scheduled date unless you extend it.

If you leave the residences before your subscription ends

There is no connection between your Internet subscription and the length of your lease. Your subscription will end automatically on the date your leave, with no cancellation fee.

Cancellation, Changes, and Technical Support

To cancel or change your subscription, or obtain technical support, please contact us: