Lounges and Common Areas

The residences have lounges and other common areas where you can go to have fun, work, and relax

Each residence building has a shared kitchen. It's homey and handy and has everything you need for preparing meals. This means you have the following:

  • A number of hotplates 
  • Electric ranges  
  • Microwave ovens
  • Toasters
  • Plenty of counter space
  • Dining room 

There are also barbecues for resident use at Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent.

Each room number has its own locker near the kitchen for storing personal utensils and equipment.

Kitchens are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The residence decks and outdoor facilities help you enjoy beautiful days any time of year.

  • Decks and deck chairs
  • Garden
  • Beach volleyball courts* 
  • Pétanque*

*Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent

The lounge in each residence is a comfortable place with cable TV and armchairs, couches, tables, and chairs for getting together, working, or hanging out with people who share your interests.

The broad range of specialty TV channels available—sports, travel, history, documentary, 24-hour news—lets you stay on top of topics that interest you.

Looking for some fun? Each of the residences has a lively, laidback games room fully equipped for fun, friends, and relaxation. You get the following:

  • Easy chairs
  • Pool and ping-pong tables
  • Foosball
  • TV

All the residences have study rooms, for academic activities and group meetings. No reservations are required.

The Alphonse-Marie-Parent and H.-Biermans-L.-Moraud Buildings also have silent study halls for students seeking quiet environments to study in.

Study rooms rules

  • Smoking is not permitted in study halls. 
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed.
  • Commercial or business activities are not permitted.

Reception rooms are available at no charge for personal get-togethers. They are located in the Alphonse-Marie-Parent and Agathe-Lacerte residences for use by residents only, and must be reserved in advance. They are not available for campus associations or groups that must instead address their requests to the Bureau de la vie étudiante.

Reservations are through Reception & service desk.

A room with piano and music stand is available on reservation for voice or instrumental practice by residents. It is located in Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent.

Reservations are through Reception & service desk.

The visual arts studio has wallmount easels for residents who paint. The studio is shared by residents and available on registration.

Registration is through Reception & service desk.