Preparing to leave

Here are a few things to know when you move out of residence, whether just for the summer or permanently.

Keys / card or chip

Put all your keys and card or chip in the check-out envelope you get in your mailbox in the days before your departure. Fill in the information requested and drop it all in the “Résidences” chute in your building.

The following charges apply for any keys and card or chip that aren’t returned:

  • $75 for changing the door lock (if one of the room key is missing)
  • $10 for a card or chip


  • Close all doors and windows before you leave.
  • Make sure your room is clean.
  • Leave the phone book for the next tenant.

A $50 charge will apply for leaving a refrigerator in the room.

Kitchen locker

  • Empty and clean your kitchen locker.
  • Leave the lock on the locker. 

A $25 charge will apply if the lock is not put back.  


Notify your correspondents before you leave because all your mail will be returned to sender as Canada Post requires.

Permanent address

If your permanent address changes, please send us your new address at

Note: University residence is not considered a permanent address.

Address change at Registrar’s office 

Update your address with the Registrar on the Bureau du registraire website.

Laundry (Coinamatic) card

Your laundry card is the property of Coinamatic. Return it with your keys in the check-out envelope you received—any balance has to be liquidated first.

To get a refund (minimum $2), use one of the return envelopes available in your building’s laundry room. Refunds however will not be sent outside of Canada.

Rental items

Remember to give suppliers at least one week’s notice of your departure date. If you’ve rented from Location Polar, you can call them at extension 3250.


Any residence furniture in storage has to be put back in the room. When you finish moving back in, go to Resident Services in Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent to get your deposit back.

Storing your belongings for the summer is covered under your reservation for September. If however you don’t come back in September, you will be charged storage fees.

Cart loans

You can pick up a cart at the storage room (entrepôt) in your building or the Service des résidences reception. 


Remember to pick up your bike before you leave. Bicycles left behind in the residences are picked up by Campus Security and handed over to the City Police. They cannot be recovered afterwards. 

Don’t want your bike? Give it to another resident as a gift or donate it to charity.

Grand don (“The Great Give-Away”)

Do you have stuff you'd like to pass along—like dishes, utensils, cleaning supplies, or bedding? If it’s still in good condition, just leave it in the specially marked bin in the basement of your residence. It all gets given to new residents later.